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Aarhus Sightseeing

Most popular things to do in Aarhus

In this content universe you can see what Aarhus has to offer when you spend a holiday in Denmark's second largest city. The list grows as the city expands with new sights and events. In the overview to the right you will find detailed information about Aarhus Sightseeing and great ideas for fun, interesting and popular experiences in Aarhus. Have you never been in Aarhus? Then you can look forward to a beautiful city that meets every desire for a cultural holiday with room for shopping, gourmet experiences and fun for the children.

Aarhus Sightseeing


Want to book a hotel room for your holiday in Aarhus? Wakeup Aarhus is an ideal hotel base – for individuals, couples and families with children. The very central location next to Bruun's Gallery provides you with the best foundation to experience the city life, the cozy cafés and popular sights. You step out of the hotel lobby and are right in the middle of the city's beautiful center.

Bruunsgade has it all, and you get the absolute best selection of shops when you want to buy bread, cake, delicious specialties, wine and meat. The many unique shops, restaurants, cafes and stores with fashion wear gives life to the street, which creates a quite special feeling. The main street is part of Frederiksbjerg, going from the Central Station to St. Paul's Church. The street is able to link the city center with Frederiksbjerg and that makes Bruunsgade an attractive street with a much visited and very vibrant shopping area. The hotel is the best in town when you want a central location, low prices and high quality.