Copenhagen on a budget | Cheap accommodation at a budget hotel from DK

Overnight stay on a budget in the heart of Copenhagen

Wakeup Copenhagen is your base on a budget. The hotels are located close to Kalvebod Brygge, Islands Brygge, Vesterbro and the city centre. An area in rapid development, full of opportunities.

Together, the hotels have 1.008 with flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi in all of them. Depending on how much you want to pay and how good a view you want, you have a choice of WAKEUP STANDARD, WAKEUP SKY or WAKEUP HEAVEN rooms.

The hotels' breakfast restaurants offer a wonderful breakfast buffet, which can be ordered as an optional extra. Despite only having 2 stars, the Wakeup Copenhagen hotels pride themselves on their really high standards. Both the rooms and the facilities are an expression of good quality – a great base for exploring Copenhagen on a budget.

Experience Copenhagen on a budget

Copenhagen might be one of Europe's most expensive cities, but it offers plenty of cheap and free activities, which can give you a wonderful experience of life in the city and its atmosphere. Here are just a few of them, but there is much more to download.

Before visiting the city, you could, for example, subscribe to, which every day sells experiences, meals at restaurants, spa visits and the like for half price. And while you are in the city, rent a city bike for next to nothing. The Copenhageners themselves cycle everywhere and it is cheap and easy to explore the city by bike.

You could also buy a 2-zone ticket coupon that takes you almost anywhere in the centre – zip around the city on the electric-powered city circle bus or the Metro.

Attractions and experiences on a budget

Copenhagen offers a wealth of festivals of art, culture and literature, and there is always a good chance of finding a quality event that does not cost you an arm and a leg. 

During the summer, countless street festivals and flea markets are held in the city's various neighbourhoods, and there is every opportunity to find second-hand treasures and have a good time on a budget – check out what's on at before you arrive.

The free town of Christiania is a must and still one of Denmark's biggest attractions, if you have not been there before. It does not cost a thing to walk around this liberal oasis. What's more, it is relatively cheap to eat at one of the local eateries.

A canal tour on board the Netto boats is also an inexpensive, enjoyable way of experiencing the city. The tour is guided and takes you on a relaxing sail around Copenhagen's canals, past many of the city's sights and neighbourhoods old and new.

On Wednesdays, it is also free to visit many of the city's museums. All this and much more can be experienced in the city, but where to sleep?