Arp-Hansen Hotel Groups first hotel outside Copenhagen

Press release issued April 10th, 2015

Arp-Hansen Hotel Group opened the first Wakeup Copenhagen in 2009. Neighbouring Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center on the waterfront in Copenhagen, it has since proved to be a very popular hotel, attracting a lot of guests. Summer 2014 saw the opening of the second Wakeup Hotel in Copenhagen, on Borgergade, and here too, the attractive low-price concept, coupled with high quality, has been very well received by guests and business partners alike.

Arp-Hansen Hotel Group has therefore decided to pay heed to all the customer requests for a Wakeup Hotel in one of Denmark’s key cities, Aarhus. The hotel opened in may 2017, with 315 rooms and a breakfast restaurant, on the corner of M.P. Bruuns Gade and Jægergårdsgade, in the former head office of Aarhus Olie A/S. So now you will be able to wake up at Wakeup in the heart of Aarhus, right next to the Bruuns Galleri shopping centre, a few minutes’ walk from Aarhus Central Station.

A Wakeup Hotel in Aarhus

Aarhus is a city in a process of rapid development as a cultural, business and tourist destination. In recent years, a record number of Michelin stars have been strewn across the city’s restaurants, and in 2017, the city will form the setting for European Capital of Culture. In order to support and participate in this development, we are expanding into this exciting city, where we believe the addition of such a hotel concept in a central location in Aarhus could bring more than 100,000 new overnight guests to the city each year. Guests who, during their stay, will make use of the city’s restaurants, public transport, attractions, culture, shopping, parking, etc.

Experience from Copenhagen shows that a budget hotel of this quality, size, location and price will bring overnight guests to the city who would not otherwise have come. Offered such an affordable accommodation option, guests who might otherwise have chosen private accommodation, or who would have opted to drive home after a visit to the theatre or dinner, for example, will choose to extend their visit to the city with an overnight stay instead.

The concept is also a suitable option for both students and their parents visiting them. Experience also shows that overnight guests attending sporting events, meetings, conventions and other events find a hotel concept of this quality and price category extremely attractive, with these rooms being among the first to fill when large-scale, participant-intensive events are held. The Wakeup Hotel concept is based on relatively small, but very well appointed hotel rooms, with basic service offered in the form of a reception and the serving of breakfast. The hotels are air conditioned with free Wi-Fi for all guests.

In short, the Wakeup Hotel on M.P. Bruuns Gade will be built to the same concept and high standards as at the Wakeup Hotels in Copenhagen. Inexpensive rates, fabulous design and central location. In keeping with Arp-Hansen Hotel Group’s philosophy, our goal with this new hotel – as with all our hotels – is to provide guests, partners and employees with a unique hotel at a unique location.

The new Wakeup Hotel in Aarhus will be a match for many of the city’s 3 and 4-star hotels, but at a 2-star level when it comes to price. The Wakeup concept will be implemented, with interior design and furniture from some of the top Danish furniture manufacturers. From the top floors of the hotel, guests will be able to enjoy a fabulous view over the city’s rooftops.

We look forward to getting to know the city’s guests, and to working with private and public players in tourism and industry to make Aarhus an even more exciting destination. And we look forward to opening the doors to the first guests in the ’City of Smiles’ next year. If you require any further information or additional material, please feel free to contact the undersigned.


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