Modern, CO2-friendly hotel in the centre of Copenhagen | From DKK 400

CO2 reduction award for Wakeup Copenhagen near Kalvebod Brygge

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Copenhagen's newly built hotel WAKEUP COPENHAGEN has received 'REALKREDIT DANMARKS KLOGE M2 PRIS' (award for climate efforts)

The prize was awarded to our hotel in Copenhagen Wakeup Copenhagen for our active efforts to reduce the hotel's CO2 emissions, including energy-saving central heating pumps, ventilation system with heat recovery equipment, cooling and lights which are activated by the key card in the rooms and energy-efficient windows with solar reflective coating. All of the hotel's toilets have dual flush and water-saving showers. Rainwater is collected from the roofs and used to water the plants, and the large roof surface on floor nine has a green sedum coating, which grows over the roof like a 'carpet of moss'. Sedum absorbs rainwater, so it does not run into the sewer. It insulates the building and is CO2 friendly.

In addition, all our other work with The Green Key at the hotel has contributed to us becoming the recipient of this wonderful award today. Congratulations to you all. In addition to the recognition, the award comes with DKK 30,000, which we will put to one side and use for a good green initiative when the time is right.