Three things determine the price of your hotel stay

You have different options when you book a room at Wakeup Copenhagen in Copenhagen and Aarhus. You can affect the price of your hotel stay as we enable you to choose between a cheap or flexible reservation, upgrade your room with extra space, or select a room with a view.

  • Cheap or flexible reservation
  • A room with a view 
  • Extra space in the room

Cheap or flexible reservation

Want to be able to change or cancel your reservation if your plans change? Then select our Flexible reservation. If the price is the highest priority, we recommend our cheaper category Economy – though it does not give you the option of changing your reservation or getting your money back.

Choose ECONOMY for the cheapest reservation. This is paid in full at the time of booking and cannot be changed or cancelled.

Choose FLEXIBLE if you want to be able to change or cancel your reservation up until 12pm on your day of arrival.

A room with a view?

Save money and book one of our Wakeup Standard rooms, which are usually located on the lower floors or at the back of the building. On the upper floors, you will get a better view. Our rooms with a view are called Wakeup Sky and Wakeup Heaven. They cost a little more, but the view is well worth it.

Wakeup Standard

Really good rooms, usually located on the lower floors or at the back of the building.

Wakeup Sky

Really good rooms located on the middle floors with a slightly better view than Wakeup Standard.

Wakeup Heaven

Our best positioned rooms with the best view, usually located on the upper floors of the building.

Enjoy extra space in your room

All of our rooms are decorated and furnished identically, and there is no difference in our beds, bathrooms or TVs. That said, you do have the option of choosing a Wakeup Large room at the size of 15 m2 if you want some extra space in your room. You can also book our Wakeup Family room, which consists of two Wakeup Standard rooms with connecting doors.

Family-friendly hotels in Copenhagen and Aarhus

At Wakeup Copenhagen, we offer affordable hotel prices in Copenhagen and Aarhus while our  accommodation and facilities match many 3- and 4-star hotels. Our hotels are ideal for the busy businessman and price-conscious families with children. For instance, we offer families with children that children at the age of 2 or below can stay in the same room as their parents or guardians free of charge. In addition, children under 12 years can enjoy our breakfast buffet at half price, while children under 3 eat for free.