Budget hotels in Copenhagen and Aarhus

Wakeup Copenhagen-hotels give you the best starting point for your next stay in Copenhagen or Aarhus. The concept is simple: Central, budget and wonderful! Choose Wakeup and look forward to a beautiful hotel stay at a budget hotel in Copenhagen or Aarhus.

Common features of Wakeup Copenhagen hotels:

Wakeup Copenhagen – budget hotel – Copenhagen & Aarhus

When you arrive at a Wakeup Copenhagen hotel in Copenhagen or Aarhus, you will be greeted in beautiful minimalist surroundings with high ceilings and plenty of space. The decor is characterized by great Danish design and in the lobby you can purchase beverages and snacks. The hotels all have parking facilities, a breakfast restaurant and express check-out for those in a hurry. Our Business Centre gives you room to work, room to stay updated with news from around the world and room to unwind with a good book. Wakeup Copenhagen is a hotel concept for those who want an accommodation on a budget in Copenhagen or Aarhus. For those who want to stay central, sleep comfortably and eat well. Wakeup Copenhagen is the easy hotel solution – easy to book, easy to find and easy to like.

Sightseeing in Copenhagen

Vacation in Copenhagen? Look forward to an exciting stay in a city where everything is possible. Copenhagen is in fact voted as the World's Best City in 2016, due to the many new events and innovative attractions – but also due to the architecture and culture, which plays a very unique role in Copenhagen. Go on special exhibitions, galleries, food markets, shopping tours, canal cruise, Nyhavn and more.

In the content universe "Sightseeing in Copenhagen" you can stay informed about which attractions and events the city offers for both children and adults. You can use the Copenhagen content as input to your sightseeing in Copenhagen. We intend to build a great guide to cover as many attractions and events as possible. Find out how youcan visit and experience Copenhagen on a budget and read about some of the neighborhoods in Copenhagen – such as Islands Brygge. Wakeup Copenhagen-hotels in Copenhagen are both located very centrally, and no matter which hotel you choose, you will be close to the most popular sights.

Sightseeing in Aarhus

Vacation in Aarhus? Denmark's second largest city welcomes you to cultural experiences beyond the ordinary. In the content universe ”Sightseeing in Aarhus” we provide you with information about some of the most popular attractions in Aarhus. We will guide and update you regularly with new pages that can help you plan your next visit to in Aarhus.

The city is filled with famous and less famous attractions, all of which are worth a visit. Have you ever been to ARoS? The Aarhus Art Museum, which houses the 4,5 meter tall sculpture "Boy" and the artwork "Your Rainbow Panorama" by Olafur Eliasson. Have you been to Tivoli Friheden and The Old Town? Aarhus has sights for the whole family – adults and children. Visit the architecturally unique Moesgaard Museum where the Grauballe Man, which is the world’s best preserved bog body, can be experienced up close. Is it a concert that has drawn you to Aarhus, you might be lucky that it takes place in the atmospheric Aarhus Concert Hall. The Concert Hall has a central location with a few minutes’ walk from Bruun's Gallery and Wakeup Copenhagen. The Concert Hall also offers free concerts, so that everyone – locals as well as tourists – have the opportunity to experience Scandinavia's largest concert hall.