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Popular events and activities in Aarhus (City of Smiles)

In this universe, you can find inspiration for attractions when you are on a holiday in or around Aarhus. The list grows as the city expands with new sights and events. Aarhus is Denmark's second largest city and offers world-renowned museums and a large selection of shopping with many atmospheric streets and shops. At the same time, Aarhus also has an interesting harbor area, beach and forest.

Aarhus Ø is a new district close to the water and the harbor, which has always had an important significance for Aarhus, and right now, there is a fantastic change in the entire harbor area close to the center. The whole area now appears as a charming canal city where you, in no time, can walk from the cafes in the center to the atmospheric waters edge.

In the overview below you will find more detailed information about the individual sights and good ideas for fun, exciting and popular experiences in Aarhus. If you have never been to Aarhus, you can look forward to a beautiful city that fulfills every wish for a cultural holiday with room for shopping, gourmet experiences and fun for children.

Inspiration and facts about Aarhus

The many sights and history that made Aarhus the European Capital of Culture a few years back, are listed below and you can explore all the wonderful opportunities the city offers. The list is long and contains information of wonderful places to eat and attractions. The city's museums are known all over the world and will definitely surprise you with an eye opener compared to the more traditional cultural experiences known in big cities. Aarhus offers the old and the new in perfect harmony, and we have helped to find accommodation that will make the visit to Aarhus a memorable experience. The list below is only a small part of Aarhus' countless possibilities, but you can use the list as a good starting point and for inspiration. Here you will find something for both adults, children and those in between. Enjoy!

About Wakeup Aarhus - close to the city's sights

Do you need to book accommodation for your holiday, short break or extended weekend in Aarhus? Then Wakeup Aarhus is ideal as a base - both for individuals, couples and families with children. The very central location by Bruun’s Gallery gives you the best starting point to experience the city life, the cozy café environment and the popular sights. You step out of the hotel lobby and are right in the middle of the city's beautiful center.

Bruuns Galleri has gathered many shops, restaurants under one roof and is next door to Wakeup Aarhus. So on a rainy day, you still have the opportunity to visit a lot of shops and restaurants and keep your feet dry.It is easy to find all the sights by foot, but if you want to experience Aarhus on two wheels, you can rent a bike at Wakeup Aarhus and get around the city even easier.

Bruunsgade has it all, and you get the absolute best selection of shops when you are looking for bread, cakes, delicious specialties, wine and meat. The many specialty shops, restaurants, cafes and fashion stores bring the street to life. Hovedgaden is part of Frederiksbjerg and extends from Banegårdspladsen in the north towards Skt. Paul's Church in the south. The street manages to connect the inner city with Frederiksbjerg, and this means that Bruunsgade is an attractive street with a well-attended and particularly active shopping life.

Wakeup Aarhus is the best base in the city when it comes to central location, low prices and a high level of quality. The fantastic central base is the best starting point for a wonderful hotel stay, whether it is only for a single night or several nights. Short breaks are also popular and Wakeup Aarhus offers family rooms, so there is room for the whole family.

Wakeup Aarhus, M.P. Bruuns Gade

Wakeup Aarhus, Bruunsgade

Cool and modern budget hotel in Aarhus – close to shopping and the central station.

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