Photo by: Musikhuset Aarhus | Source: Musikhuset Aarhus

Visit ARoS the next time you are in Aarhus

When you visit ARoS Art Museum in Aarhus, you will step into a very unique international house with visual art and experiences. A building full of art collections from the Golden Age until today, which creates an interest among both children and adults. The house is almost 21,000 square metres spread across 10 floors, making it one of Northern Europe's largest museums.

Art at ARoS in Aarhus

What can you expect if this is your first time visiting ARoS in Aarhus? Every year, the art museum has various major exhibitions from world artists. In addition, ARoS has its own collections of more than 8,000 pieces dated from 1770 until today. The collection is the oldest outside of Copenhagen, and from modern times, artists such as Per Kirkeby and Bjørn Nørgaard are strongly represented. There is also a wide range of exciting artworks from international contemporary artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Mona Hatoum, Carsten Höller, Bill Viola, Pippilotti Rist, Ron Mueck, Gilbert & George and James Turrell.

ARoS Art Museum offers a 7,000 square metres exhibition area, and in three galleries, each of 1,000 square metres, you will find works from the museum's own collection. One of the landmarks of ARoS Art Museum is the sculpture ’Boy’, which is made by the Australian artist Ron Mueck. The sculpture measures 4,5 metres in height, weighs 500 kg and is cast in fiberglass. It portrays a boy crouching with his back bent. The arms are positioned in front of the head, so that they partially cover his face. ARoS purchased the sculpture in 2001 and the impressive work of art is so rich in detail that the boy seems hyper realistic and almost alive.

Find current exhibitions and read more about 'Boy' at ARoS' own website.

The rainbow at ARoS – Your Rainbow Panorama

In 2011, the artwork ’Your Rainbow Panorama’ opened on top of ARoS Art Museum. ’Your Rainbow Panorama’ by Olafur Eliasson should originally have cost DKK 30 million and be ready by 2007, but the work of art involved many challenges that resulted in four years extra and a final cost of 62 million. As mentioned, the artwork is placed on top of ARoS in Aarhus, and, as the title reveals, it provides you with a fantastic view of the city through all the colours of the rainbow. The circular work of art is 150 metres long, three meters wide and made of glass. It is visible from afar and serves as a compass for Aarhus' citizens due to the colors. When night falls, the artwork is lit with spotlights in the floor, and with a 360 degree view of Aarhus, ’Your Rainbow Panorama’ on ARoS Art Museum has become characteristic for the city.

The Next Level at ARoS Art Museum

ARoS Art Museum is in the process of expanding with 6,500m2. The expansion takes place under the ground and is called ’The Next Level’. It is expected that the expansion be ready to welcome curious visitors in 2023.