The Danish State Procurement Programme

Are you a public employee? All Wakeup Copenhagen hotels in Copenhagen and Aarhus are part of The Danish State Procurement Programme and therefore you have the opportunity to book hotel stays at favorable prices.

The state agreement for our hotels is valid from June 12, 2023, until December 31, 2026.

Benefits of staying at a Wakeup Copenhagen hotel

It's incredibly easy and fast to order via the state agreement. Simply provide your EAN number, and we will send the invoice directly to the specified number.

In addition to affordable accommodation with the state agreement, our Wakeup Copenhagen hotels in Copenhagen or Aarhus are perfect for those who need a hotel stay in connection with their work.

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  • Accommodation in a central location
  • Room with a work table
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • A delicious breakfast buffet (additional purchase)
  • Access to our Business Centre
  • Access to good parking facilities (additional purchase). There is a limited number of parking spaces

In addition, all Wakeup Hotels have Green Key environmental certification and contribute to a greener Denmark.

Family rooms at Wakeup Aarhus

How to book your stay

To book a stay through the Danish State Procurement Programme, you must contact us by email and inform us: 

  • The full name of the guest 
  • The date for the accommodation
  • Whether the price should be with or without breakfast
  • EAN number
  • Reference to invoice

Your order for accommodation is finally confirmed when you receive an order confirmation from our booking office.

Choose the hotel you wish to stay at

Wakeup Copenhagen, Bernstorffsgade: send email

Wakeup Copenhagen, Borgergade: send email

Wakeup Copenhagen, Carsten Niebuhrs Gade: send email

Wakeup Aarhus, M. P Bruuns Gade: send email