Old Town in Aarhus - A cozy Open Air Museum

old town in aarhus | photo by: Kim Wyon | source: VisitDenmark

Go on a time travel in Aarhus’ Old Town

The Old Town in Aarhus makes it possible to go on a time travel back to your own, your parents’ and your grandparents' history and everyday life. It is a unique attraction because it is brought to life by the many people who work there and enter into the spirit of that time. Over the past 10 years, the museum has welcomed more than 3 million visitors, because there is only one Danish Old Town Museum – and it is located in Aarhus.

’Living History’ in The Old Town in Aarhus lets you meet the characters of yesteryear's market towns. They cook and chop wood, sew using needle and thread or handle customers in the historical shops. You will meet people from the past, see their living rooms and kitchens and enjoy the sweet smell of the old bakery.

The modern city in The Old Town

As part of The Old Town in Aarhus, you can experience ’The Modern City’ in a street from 1974. The street is Sønderbrogade, and here, you can visit the radio and TV store Poul's Radio or explore six different apartments, private homes, backyards and garages from 1974. The Jazz bar Bent J is open to all, so step inside and feel the atmosphere of an authentic pub in Aarhus.

Christmas in Aarhus’ Old Town

At Christmas, The Old Town in Aarhus is very popular as, the atmosphere is even more authentic and cosy. The history of Christmas through more than four centuries is being told, tables are set, and it is beautifully decorated in the same way that it was done from the 17th century right up to 1974. At the Christmas Friday celebration in Aarhus’ Old Town, you can look forward to:

  • Friday jazz
  • Free guided tours through the history of Christmas
  • Christmas in the main square (stalls selling food, goodies and gifts)
  • Indoor handicrafts market
  • Christmas bazaar with coffee and Christmas cookies
  • Fire show in the main square

And much more...

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In the Christmas season, the Christmas House is the place with authentic Christmas cheer for the whole family. The Christmas House invites you to a labyrinthine design, where you will  choose your own path through the Christmas stories. In the house, there are various activities for both children and adults. Get a glimpse of what Danish boys and girls got for Christmas in the old days, why we celebrate Christmas, and how the elves and Christmas teddies live.

75 historical buildings in The Old Town of Aarhus

You will find more than 75 historical buildings, homes, exhibitions and shops in The Old Town of Aarhus. The great lifelike museum offers pleasant rides in horse-drawn carriages, and you will have the opportunity to make a real bargain in the fun historical shops. In the Beer Cellar, you can have a pint and enjoy a tasty cup of coffee and some cake. All of your senses come into use in the Old City of Aarhus.

The Old Town's special exhibitions

All year round there are a lot of special exhibitions, activities and theme days in the Old Town, and throughout the month of December you will be able to experience and feel "Christmas in the Old Town", just as it was in the good old days. Rice porridge, stories and Christmas fun.