Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus

Come close to the ancient times on Moesgaard Museum

Approximately 20 minutes' drive from Aarhus city center you will find Moesgaard Museum – a museum in international league. The museum was completely transformed in 2014 with a new building of 16,000 m2, designed by Henning Larsen Architects, and landscape design by Kristine Jensen. The special feature of the building is that it is dug into a south-facing slope with a location north of Moesgård manor. The roof is covered with grass and provides access to a phenomenal view from Moesgaard Museum.

Exhibitions on Moesgaard Museum

At Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus there are exhibitions with unrivalled archaeological findings from Denmark’s ancient past. Do you know the Grauballe Man? The Grauballe Man is the world’s best preserved bog body and he is to be found at Moesgaard Museum. The same applies with the weapons pieces from Illerup Ådal. Sacrifices, that tells the story of the art of war and power struggle in the Iron Age. The collection of Moesgaard Museum also contains seven local rune stones and the exhibition “The Lives of the Dead”, which allows the visitors to experience the many different ways people around the world influence the perception of death.

The past is brought to life at Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus. The attraction is at an international level due to the architecture, the exhibitions and the location in the beautiful natural surroundings in Skåde Bakker – south of Aarhus, overlooking the sea and the woods. Through an innovative communication method and a breathtaking architectural setting, Moesgaard Museum is a world-class museum experience in Aarhus. An exceptional past becomes alive and provides us with a better understanding of what has created our present, our daily life and our lives.

The exhibition of ancient times is impressive, and with the various ages that come to life, you can explore the giant burial mounds from the Bronze Age, or be there when the Iron Age farmers make weapons pieces to their gods. Both children and adults learn and experience a lot on Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus. Find information about new exhibitions at Moesgaard Museum.

Moesgaard Viking Moot

The annual Viking Moot is arranged by Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus and can be seen Saturday and Sunday in week 30. At the event you will meet more than 1,000 Vikings, who each year look forward to a gathering at Moesgaard Museum, which is Scandinavia's largest Viking Moot. At a Viking Moot at Moesgaard Museum you will gain an insight in their everyday life and watch them compete with each other in disciplines such as horseback riding, use of weapons, crafts and food. The Moesgaard Viking Moot is known as the unofficial world championship in Viking battle, where the fighting is not just a play and pure entertainment, but a matter of honor that is taken seriously in the Viking community.

This weekend you can enjoy the fine markets, try archery, eat authentic food from the Viking Age and enjoy music, theater and stories for the children. The combating warriors and fierce horsemen are the highlights of the Viking Moot because here is the authenticity particularly intense. The audience is going on an active time travel where camp atmosphere, fast horses and fierce fighting can be experienced up close.