Parking at Wakeup Copenhagen, Bernstorffsgade 

Wakeup Copenhagen | The facade of the Wakeup hotel in Bernstorffsgade

How to find parking

We recommend parking in our underground car park. The parking permit is bought at the reception, and costs   per day (12PM to 12PM the next day).

We have a limited number of parking spaces available, which cannot be booked in advance. If we are fully booked in the parking basement, you can take advantage of one of the nearby outdoor parking options around the hotel.

You can pay with one of the following parking apps: EasyPark, ParkOne or ParkMan, or at the payment machines in Bernstorffsgade or Mitchellsgade.

Important: The ground clearance in the basement is 2.3 m. The parking is open 24 hours a day.

You are always welcome to contact our reception, where we can guide you in relation to the parking options. We look forward to welcoming you and your car!

Selected diesel cars are not allowed in Copenhagen's environmental zones

From October 1, 2023, you need to be extra cautious if you drive an older diesel car. In the environmental zones of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, it's now a requirement for your car to have an approved particulate filter.

If you take a drive in these zones without meeting the necessary requirements, you'll receive a fine as your car's license plate is automatically checked.

Remember, this rule also applies to older diesel-powered vans, buses, and trucks.

Learn more about zones and rules