Contact us for a Corporate agreement if you travel a lot

Wakeup Copenhagen is owned by the Arp-Hansen Hotel Group. As a company, you have the option of a corporate agreement, which covers a selection of all our hotels. If you require further information or a quote on a corporate agreement which meets your specific needs, please contact the sales department for a no-obligation quote. With a corporate agreement, you get a login to this website and can book all rooms online at the agreed company price.

Arp-Hansen Hotel Group
Sales department 
Nybrovej 75
DK-2820 Gentofte
Tel. +45 4597 0500 

Login with company login:

When you book accommodation at contract price, log in using the company login you have been given. You do this in the bottom right-hand corner on a desktop or mobile, click on 'book' and then on 'company login' at the top.

If you require further information about our corporate agreement scheme, please contact our sales department.