Wakeup Aarhus, Bruunsgade

At Wakeup Aarhus, Bruunsgade, we refer to parking at Bruun's Galleri Shopping center, which is located beneath the hotel. The entrance is in Værkmestergade 27. The car park is divided in 3 levels and the entrance is at the highest level (P3). From P3 there is access to P2 and P1. Electronic signs show available parking space. Look out for signs with the Wakeup logo for exit to the hotel.


The price for parking is DKK 11.00 per half hour. Maximum to be paid per 24 hours is DKK 150.00 when you chose to pay at the Wakeup reception. When paying by credit card in the car park, the rate for 24 hours is DKK 180.00. The license plate is registered by camera when entering and must be used at the time of payment. The car park is surveyed by CCTV, however parking is at own risk.


The Car park is open 24 hours. However, between 00:30am and 06:30am the only access to the cars is through the exit of the car park by foot.