Wakeup Aarhus, Bruunsgade

At Wakeup Aarhus, Bruunsgade, we offer parking in collaboration with Bruun's Gallery, which is located right next to the hotel. Bruun's Gallery car park is in 3 levels, and there is a driveway on the upper level (P3).
From here you run ramps to the other 2 levels (P2 and P1). Electronic signs indicate whether there are available parking spaces on each plan. The free height of the car park is 2.05 m. The car park is open 24 hours a day.


Between 00:30 and at. At 06:30 there is only access to the parked car on foot via the exit opening. 


All days, 24/7 DKK 10, - per day.
Commenced 30 minutes. However, it costs max DKK 180, - per day. day. Parking is only allowed within designated places. The car park is TV-monitored, but parking is in all respects at your own risk, and Bruun's Gallery assumes no responsibility in case of accident, theft or damage to persons, cars, equipment and effects in the car. For further inquiries regarding car park, please contact JustPark at: