Copenhagen Dining Week 2024

Photo by: Restaurant Gorilla | Source: Restaurant Gorilla

Dining Week Copenhagen during the winter holidays

Taste experiences, a cosy atmosphere and low prices. Look forward to the annual Copenhagen Dining Week, which is a great success every year. The popular concept is clearly defined – exquisite food at a fixed, low price that you can't complain about. You choose the restaurant you want and book a date where there is space.

Copenhagen Dining Week offers lots of opportunities to eat at some of Copenhagen’s best restaurants: A wealth of good names and delicious ingredients in a harmonious composition.

When is the next Dining Week?

The next Dining Week festival during the winter holidays will take place from 12 February to 18 February 2024.

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Book a cheap overnight stay during Dining Week Copenhagen

Book your room online and save   on the handling fee. It doesn't get any cheaper! Enjoy your winter holiday to the full! Look forward to a week full of taste experiences and new impressions – together with your loved ones. For example, choose your favourite restaurants from the selection or try some you’ve never been to before. Either way, you can enjoy great experiences at low prices. Enjoy!

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Photo by: Hermes Rivera | Source: Unsplash